Make your own glorious papercraft AK-47

By » Mon, June 18 2012
ak47 cover 450x636 Make your own glorious papercraft AK 47

Fully-automatic high-power assault cardboard. (img by PostlerFerguson)

Instantly recognizable in white despite some flaws in the reproduction, the AK-47, along with it’s variants, is the most successful rifle platform in the world.

And you can put this one together at home. PostlerFerguson is a design studio consultancy that is well aware of how iconic this particular weapon really is, and they have published a guide for making a papercraft AK-47 of your own right here, ($20).

Here is an example of the instructions. They’re clear and the guide has stencils to help make your own 1:1 scale repro of an AK-47.

ak 47 poster 450x636 Make your own glorious papercraft AK 47

The Paper AK-47 Project is a paper model kit of one of the most successful products of the 20th century, the AK47 (Awtomat Kalaschnikowa) [sic]. The AK-47 is archetypal of the dark side of the product design world, fueling conflicts throughout the post-WWII globe. The Paper AK-47 Project removes the function of the weapon, using the empty paper shell to play with the power of aesthetics. (img by PostlerFerguson)

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