Receiver, the game

By » Tue, June 19 2012
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receiver: /ɹəˈsivɚ/, noun, 9. (firearms) The part of a firearm containing the action. (img by Shooting Illustrated)

Wolfire Games, developer of the highly-anticipated (for an indie title) Overgrowth, put together a neat little game for the 7 day FPS challenge called Receiver ($5). This game is unique for a whole bunch of reasons not the least of which your in-game avatar is essentially a 1911. More to the point, it’s a real (imaginary) 1911, in that it is modeled off the actual gun, and lets you operate the pistol in the same ways that you could in real life.

I wonder if they made it picky about hollowpoints.

They get into some of the game theory behind Receiver in this video, and have made a trailer to go with it. 

Receiver is free for anyone who preorders Overgrowth, a third-person martial arts game with crazy parkour fights, beautiful music, and an ever-improving capacity to be amazing-looking.

If you like that, you can preorder Overgrowth here, ($30).

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