Cows are always in season. What about fruit?

By » Tue, June 26 2012
4368284156 4daec70a99 450x337 Cows are always in season. What about fruit?

What the hell is this and why can I only get them in Juneuary? (img by Leonora Enking)

Your grocery store has probably lulled you into the belief that you can get any kind of fruit, vegetal, or herb any time of year… simply walk in, plunk down your debit card, and bam. You’re on your way to a tasty basil and breadfruit reduction.

Now’s when you expect me to go into the huge impact on the environment this sort of arrangement is. But I really think there are more compelling, more immediate reasons to know what’s in season: fruits/veggies that are in season usually cost less, and they’re usually far tastier than, say breadfruit that’s been hydroponically coaxed out of a test tube in the middle of Augtober.

Also, Chasing Delicious has made these really great poster/infographics laying out what’s in season when:

Kitchen101 Seasonal Vegetables1 450x675 Cows are always in season. What about fruit?

I can’t wait for the seasonal meat chart… (img by Chasing Delicious)

So now you have no excuse. Go to Chasing Delicious, get a poster, then get some papaws, okra, and mace and see what you can come up with. But not if you’re reading this in the Fall.

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