DEA Official: Drugs are bad

By » Tue, June 26 2012
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Sheep can’t say which drugs are worse. (img by Mike Crowl)

tl;dr DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart looks like a clueless idiot insisting all drugs are equally bad.


Congressman Jared Polis recently had the chance to question DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart about current drug policies. Instead of stating facts, all she could do is waste the congressman’s time, only using comments like, “I think…” and “All illegal drugs are bad.” As if the legal status of a chemical compound has any bearing whatsoever on its pharmacology.

When asked over and over if marijuana — you know that stuff the President of The United States of America Barack Obama did inhale – is more dangerous than heroin, cocaine, or meth, she could only offer the South Park-esque answer of, “Drugs are bad, M’Kay.”


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