How to bind a book on the cheap with an easy DIY jig

By » Fri, August 10 2012
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Lesson 1: it’s not this complicated. (img by Nate Steiner)

Believe it or not, bookbinding doesn’t have to be an arcane art that requires ink-dipped end papers, buttery kid leather (goat kids, not humans, you sick bastard… picture making a book out of this adorable and rammy kid.) I have a hand-bound blank book that I bought 10 years ago and haven’t touched because I don’t want to profane it with less than literary ramblings or illustrations that wouldn’t look good in the Louvre. It doesn’t have to be that way.

With a simple jig made of wood and C-clamps, glue, tape, some string, and a drill, you can bind your own books, manuals, blank paper, etc. Here’s how:

(Warning, there is a chance that this practice is only a gateway to more elaborate binding projects. Imagine making your LaTeX-typeset college essays look like leatherbound classics and turning them in…)

More on LaTeX soon…

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