Housecats scientifically proven to be deadly as fuck

By » Sat, August 11 2012
5416603261 32e9fe1543 450x337 Housecats scientifically proven to be deadly as fuck

This cat is killing the everliving shit out of live yogurt cultures. (img by Beth Jusino)

People have speculated that housecats, but not dogs, would survive if humans completely disappeared. You look at your own cat and think “no way… this thing spends all of its time sleeping and seeking warmth. It clearly couldn’t survive without me to feed it.”

That’s because your cat downplays its essentially deadly nature, and now that we have the technology, we’ve discovered a completely different story.

UGA’s Kittycams project, in which university researchers strap on cameras supplied by National Geographic to housecats to track what they do. The collected footage shows that cats do normal cat stuff — sleeping, sniffing each other, fighting possums — but, at an average of every 17 hours outdoors, cats find something to kill.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle… against our potential feline overlords.

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