Killing canaries in the corn mines

By » Sat, August 18 2012
3218712422 58bd1b56ae 450x337 Killing canaries in the corn mines

“These birds, they fell the fuck out the sky like it was the fuckin’ birdpocalypse. I seen that shit in Revelation once, man. Sky piranhas and the wrath of God.” (img by Geert Orye)

A farmer in Millville, NJ doubled up on some legally permitted bird killer pesticides to keep the feathered freeloading bastards out of his cornfields. The result? A bunch of dead birds, a reddit thread of people wondering why the fuck birds were dropping dead out of the sky, and a whole new awareness about what pesticides actually do: kill things. And it’s happened before.

Think you’d die less if you ate stuff liberally sprayed with Bird-B-Gone? I don’t. I don’t know how I’d solve the pest problem, though. Maybe hire some kids with BB guns. They’re on summer vacation with nothing better to do, and at least it’s good honest killing…

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