SpareOne Emergency Phone powered by a single AA

By » Sat, September 15 2012
SpareOne Emergency Phone SpareOne Emergency Phone powered by a single AA

For when no one can here you for miles and miles…

The SpareOne Emergency Phone is a simple dumb cellphone, from the waybackwhen, the beforetime long long ago. People were forced to memorize sets of digits that replaced the identities of whoever they wanted to speak with in order to dehumanize each other. Another way they stripped away people’s individuality was by denying people their choice of ringtones, giving everyone the exact same alarum.

But knowing how to use these prehistoric communication devices could one day save your life, like knowing how to start a fire with early fire-starting tools such as the once-ubiquitous “matches”.

The SpareOne functions in every way identical to early “cordless” units, but has been modified to use modern SIM cards and interface with present-day cell tower systems. Even without a SIM card, the device can be used to contact emergency services along with your geolocation.

It is powered by a single AA cell, a simple, non-rechargeable type of power source that was once so common that landfills towered with discharged, worthless cells that cast long shadows over human habitats. This cell has been improved with a lithium core similar to current smartphone power supplies and is encapsulated to prevent parasitic power loss until the time you need it.

Being able to use primitive tools is a core Die < Less skill.

Get one of your own to practice with in case of emergencies here for sixty bucks.

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