Bloodhound gang one step closer

By » Mon, October 22 2012

Looks like the gang of lunatics working on the BloodhoundSSC fired up the rocket meant to power their land speed record car. Let that sink in for a second…they have a rocket…for a car.

The Bloodhound SSC (that’s Super Sonic Car) is meant to run at Mach 1.4, on the ground, that’s one THOUSAND, fifty miles per hour. After that it will totally do a back flip and kick the snot out of a friggin’ shark with a friggin’ laser beam on it’s head.

To give you idea of how complicated this project is, read this article by Andy Green. Green is currently fastest driver in the world, and the driver for Bloodhound, the article details the process of stopping the Bloodhound

All of this is way more than these knuckleheads will accomplish.

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