How to turn a shovel into an AK-47

01 450x600 How to turn a shovel into an AK 47

Time to shovel some bitches.

Some people are worried that you might be able to one day 3D print a gun. I wonder how they feel about this.

Because fo’ sho’, this dude turned a shovel into a rifle. This rifle:

54 450x299 How to turn a shovel into an AK 47

Vodka necessary for making rails look straight.

Now I have a couple of qualms, like it doesn’t have a real handguard and that’s gonna be a problem, and he didn’t heat-treat the shovelreceiver after he stamped it.

But seeing how he pretty much did it with an angle grinder and a hammer, I gotta cut slack where it’s due.

You can read the whole log here, it’s entertaining.

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That’s un-possible!

Using a laser to print metal parts. This is science-friggin-fiction. Of course it’s NASA who is putting it to the test, ’cause well, they can be awesome. Now to get the SLS program on the fast track.

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My first automotive infatuation

The first Hot Wheels car I ever remember playing with was a Tyrell P34. I didn’t know it at the time -I just thought 6 wheels were cooler than 4- but this car was groundbreaking. F1 team owner Ken Tyrell and his chief designer Derek Gardner were looking to improve the aerodynamic properties of an open wheel car (F1 rules mandates all cars be open wheel). By using four 10-inch wheels they could smooth the airflow over the front of the car. Adding a 2nd axle increased the contact patch of the tires and allowed for a second set of front brake discs, thus increasing the swept surface area.

Tyrell and Gardner were right and the car showed great promise, although lack of development of the 10 inch tires meant they were only able to secure one win. Lack of development of the 10 inch tires, coupled with front brake cooling problems sealed the fate of the P34. But tire problems or not, the P34 will always be remembered as one of the most revolutionary cars ever built.

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Rebuilding Belle

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Make a voodoo doll of yourself

3955333500 f293c1062c Make a voodoo doll of yourself

Photo by puuikibeach

A Japanese company has perfected the technology necessary to create a voodoo doll action figure of yourself. It’s a good thing this destruction of the boundaries between the physical and spirit world didn’t happen when I was a kid or I’d be limbless and paralyzed from various injuries related to firecrackers and slingshots.

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“Nothing like how violent it looks”

Shinya Kimura sums up the feeling of both creating and pushing the limits of speed. The serenity of being totally present is the reward.

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