Accelerometer for yer bean

By » Tue, December 4 2012
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Beans. (img by Erich Ferdinand)

Gizmag does a nice job covering an accelerometer for helmets designed to help pinpoint competitors who may have just been concussed.

This is definitely something that would have been helpful in explaining to various coaches and parents that I was not, in fact, OK. I know I’ve had at least 5 concussions, and 4 other bonks to the noggin that are probables. A few were obvious, but after taking a play or two off, a visit from the trainer, maybe a thumbs up to mom and dad, I rejoined. Most of them, however, I did my best to hide.

I did this for two main reasons: I didn’t want to give the satisfaction of knowing I’d been lit up to the guy who’d done it to me, and I just don’t want to miss any of the game. Technology like this given to game officials could help protect teenage competitors like me from themselves.

I can say from personal experience that most players aren’t going to volunteer to leave the field of play. Nor can coaches of collision sports be relied upon to always make the best call for the player’s health. The macho element is just too prevalent. The decision to leave the field of play is so counter to the culture of these sports, and the pressure to show no pain so strong, that it is irresponsible to leave the decision hands of a kid; especially one who just had his molars rattled.

Equipping the officials with the ability to check the results on the accelerometer puts the decision in the hands of an impartial (hopefully) party.

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