Brilliant guy, rubbish CV

By » Wed, January 2 2013
Mansell monaco 91 450x285 Brilliant guy, rubbish CV

One of Newey’s best

Adrian Newey is, without doubt, an engineering genius. In a field full of geniuses, he stands out as the smartest guy in the room. Racecar Engineering has done a retrospective of his race cars up to now. Even if you’re not a racing fan. Even if you couldn’t possibly care less about Formula 1, it is worth reading the article if only to note the number of times the word “fired” appears.

This isn’t the only checkered CV of a highly successful person. I can’t help but admire the kind of persistence that borders on obstinate. Time and time again someone told him he wasn’t quite good enough. Time and time again he would pick up the pieces, move on, and then beat the pants off the people who just fired him. That takes sand.

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