Tarantino: ‘Disrespectful’ to link violence to movies

django unchained quentin tarantino movie image set photo 450x450 Tarantino: ‘Disrespectful’ to link violence to movies

I have no context for this picture because I don’t have three hours straight to watch the new Django movie. Seriously.

tl;dr it’s the video games’ fault. Just kidding.



GROSS: So I just have to ask you, is it any less fun after like the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, like, do you ever go through a period where you lose your taste for movie violence? And movie violence is not real violence, I understand the difference. But still, are there times when it just is not a fun movie experience for you – either to be making it that way or to be in the audience for something like that?

TARANTINO: Not for me.

GROSS: So it’s so completely separate, that the reality of violence doesn’t affect at all your feelings about making or viewing very violent or sadistic…

TARANTINO: Sadistic? I don’t know. I do know what, I don’t know. I think, you know, you’re putting a judgment on it.

GROSS: No, no, no…

TARANTINO: You’re putting a judgment on it.

GROSS: The characters are sadistic. The characters are sadistic. I’m not talking about, you know, the filmmaker. I’m talking about the characters. I mean, the characters are undeniably sadistic.

TARANTINO: Mm-hmm. When you say after the tragedy, what do you mean by that exactly? (more…)

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60,000 RPM? Yes please.

Understanding the broad stokes of current electric hybrid Kinetic Energy Regeneration Systems (KERS) is pretty straight forward. They are electrical motors that augment gas engines. Electrical motors become generators when use for braking; they recapture kinetic energy.

The engineers at Flybrid Systems are taking a less traveled road. They are storing energy by spinning a flywheel at just shy of the speed of light.

Flybrid 60,000 RPM? Yes please.

The system captures energy from the drive train when the driver lets off the gas. Instead of friction brakes clamping down on the spinning disc rotor, that torque is used to accelerate the flywheel. That kinetic is stored in the spinning flywheel, to be released back into the drive train when you hit the throttle.

As torque is delivered back to the drive train the flywheel slows down. When the driver slows, the kinetic energy is used to spin the flywheel faster, adding drag to the drive train that feels like braking.

Flybrid schematic 450x353 60,000 RPM? Yes please.

Right now mechanical KERS it’s used mostly in racing cars (but not Formula 1 which uses electrical energy storage) but it has been deployed to some capital vehicles like buses and garbage trucks.

One massive advantage to mechanical hybrid systems is that you can retro-fit existing vehicles without redesigning them from the ground up; it’s a sort of bolt-on solution. From a conservation perspective it is far preferable to increase the efficiency of existing vehicles rather than consuming additional resources necessary to build another vehicle from the ground up, so cheers to you, Flybrid.

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Brilliant guy, rubbish CV

Mansell monaco 91 450x285 Brilliant guy, rubbish CV

One of Newey’s best

Adrian Newey is, without doubt, an engineering genius. In a field full of geniuses, he stands out as the smartest guy in the room. Racecar Engineering has done a retrospective of his race cars up to now. Even if you’re not a racing fan. Even if you couldn’t possibly care less about Formula 1, it is worth reading the article if only to note the number of times the word “fired” appears.

This isn’t the only checkered CV of a highly successful person. I can’t help but admire the kind of persistence that borders on obstinate. Time and time again someone told him he wasn’t quite good enough. Time and time again he would pick up the pieces, move on, and then beat the pants off the people who just fired him. That takes sand.

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