Get your (G10) punch on

By » Thu, March 14 2013

NukoTools G10 Punchring Get your (G10) punch on

NukoTools has developed a new G10-based punchring. What’s G10? What’s a punchring? G10 is a composite of woven fiberglass encased in resin. It’s tough and not brittle. It’s super-light, and not metal.

A punchring is like a little teeny glove that you just wear on one finger, like, I dunno, some sort of crown or nimbus that circumscribes part of a digit. I can’t say if there’s a name for that.

Anyway, you punch people with them, via fisticuffs, and a bit of melee-based daring-do.

Why would you make a punchring out of G10? Certainly not because you could take one through a metal detector or anything. No, it’s purely a cost-cutting measure. Yeah.

That’s why they’re, like, eighteen bucks. Get you one. Comes with two holes, one for your piggy and the other for, whatever, keys. Or a makeshift lanyard-flashlight nunchuck. $18.

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