Intermission: miraculous healing/jumping power

This dude blew up his achilles tendon. A year later, he’s jumping all over the place.

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Build a computer… with Magic cards

2323057954 5be34291ed 450x337 Build a computer... with Magic cards

Every time you tap a land, you have to drink. No, really, this shit is educational. (img by Tom Longfield)

In case you didn’t know, you can totally justify playing shitloads Minecraft, because it’s educational and has more to do with building virtual computers than sculpting giant naughty things for your own amusement.

But let’s say your evil mom takes your computer away from you because she thinks you should go outside at least once in a while and maybe even interact with other humans irl. So she breaks her foot booting your tubby ass out the front door. What can you do?

You can take up Magic: The Gathering and spend a bunch of money collecting the most awesome and up-to-date cards! And when mom yells at you about how you’re just spending all your time sitting around with friends drinking sodas and fighting about rules (pretty much just like before), you can tell her that Magic is educational: you’re working on building a Turing machine with the cards, and this type of shit will bootstrap you into the next income bracket and you won’t even need to go to college.

Pro-tip: pour enough Turing on anything, and you’ve got yourself some education.

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Worlds within worlds

tumblr m951n679Pw1qbh26io1 400 Worlds within worlds

MIB, eat your microscopic heart out. (img by It’s Okay to Be Smart)

You don’t need Will Smith and fancy CGI to explore worlds within worlds within worlds, you can just use an electron microscope and a serendipitous alignment of things. Want more? Go to It’s Okay to be Smart and browse around.

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The fight over the supercomputer in your pocket, body, car, etc…

55025940 ca38f4e5f2 450x360 The fight over the supercomputer in your pocket, body, car, etc...

This is the center of the next war. (img by Phil Gold)

Cory Doctorow gives an interesting and in-depth talk about the future of computing. We’ve talked before about the double-edgedness of computing devices, but didn’t talk about the other side: the people who want you to use the devices you buy only in the prescribed manner. Check it:

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Hack your own shock drone!

Why should law enforcement have all the fun? You can mod a quadcopter drone to shock dudes:

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First step against fear

Check out this interesting article on fear and imagination:

In Most Secret War, Dr. R. V. Jones discusses the human tendency to “conjure up fear under conditions of stress,” a tendency the modern Westerner—stalked by fears of terrorism, crime, and economic catastrophe—will no doubt appreciate. The example Jones cites, though seemingly trivial in hindsight, is both entertaining and revealing.

During the war, rumors began to filter back to Britain about a German “engine-stopping ray.” The site of the supposed misadventure was invariably near a television tower.

Read the rest for a list of questions you should ask yourself when you find yourself afraid of something or imagining a giant global conspiracy specifically designed to control you.

If it helps, recite the Litany against Fear first.

[via Schneier]

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