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AK-47 Army Manual

AK 47 Army Manual 450x663 AK 47 Army Manual

Everyone should know how to use an AK-47. Because they’re neato. That’s a tactical term, neato.

Anyhow, the Aftermath Gun Club has .pdeffed the US Army’s operator’s manual and have it available for download for zero monies. Go get it already.

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The Karambit Knife

The Karambit Knife 450x628 The Karambit Knife

I generally don’t like knives that you have to think about using, have to think about holding in a certain way, or have to train with in general.

That’s either because trying to reinvent the knife is on the same shortbus as trying to reinvent the club or throwing rock, or because I’m lazy and I don’t like to expand my horizons.

But I don’t like it when people say holding a knife backwards or upside-down gives you tactical leverage, because there’s no such a thing as a knife fight and there’s no such thing as a knife-fighting expert.

That being said, the Karambit’s different. You have to hold it differently because that’s the way it draws. And boy does it draw, check this out:

The Karambit’s not cheap but when it comes to tactical operator EDC emergency wire ops backup blade kit blades at $240 including a trainer, but it’s not astronomical for a solid TOEEWOBBKB option either.

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Get your (G10) punch on

NukoTools G10 Punchring Get your (G10) punch on

NukoTools has developed a new G10-based punchring. What’s G10? What’s a punchring? G10 is a composite of woven fiberglass encased in resin. It’s tough and not brittle. It’s super-light, and not metal.

A punchring is like a little teeny glove that you just wear on one finger, like, I dunno, some sort of crown or nimbus that circumscribes part of a digit. I can’t say if there’s a name for that.

Anyway, you punch people with them, via fisticuffs, and a bit of melee-based daring-do.

Why would you make a punchring out of G10? Certainly not because you could take one through a metal detector or anything. No, it’s purely a cost-cutting measure. Yeah.

That’s why they’re, like, eighteen bucks. Get you one. Comes with two holes, one for your piggy and the other for, whatever, keys. Or a makeshift lanyard-flashlight nunchuck. $18.

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The most effective camouflage ever invented!

Dicks inbound. Seriously, you’ve been warned.

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Tactical mountain bike!

That thar is a Mon-ti-gyoo bye-cycle.

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