Basement Shark!

Basement shark 450x604 Basement Shark!

Go to a museum or Basement Shark will kill you when you least expect it! Actually, you’ll probably be using the toilet, sharks … sharks breathe water. Which you will learn at a God damn museum.

From The Amazing, Unstaged World Hiding Behind a Museum’s Closed Doors.

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Parenting for zombies: ‘CARGO’

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So in Japan, this is a thing.

Blam 450x337 So in Japan, this is a thing.

MJtgkB9 450x599 So in Japan, this is a thing.

dCKu89J 450x337 So in Japan, this is a thing.


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I’m doomed…

rocket fail 450x475 Im doomed...

img by jurveston

I’ve got the tools, the interest, and the spare time. Even money my garage goes up in a massive explosion that shatters windows for miles around. My neighbors will be on the news saying how nice I was. “Always tinkering on something. Never caused any trouble. But who in their right mind builds a rocket in their garage?”

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Intermission: Kittehs droppin beats

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The most effective camouflage ever invented!

Dicks inbound. Seriously, you’ve been warned.

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