So in Japan, this is a thing.

Blam 450x337 So in Japan, this is a thing.

MJtgkB9 450x599 So in Japan, this is a thing.

dCKu89J 450x337 So in Japan, this is a thing.


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Intermission: Kittehs droppin beats

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Aliens vs. a galaxy far, far away

Aliens vs. a galaxy far far away 450x636 Aliens vs. a galaxy far, far away

I have no idea what’s going on here I just know I would pay real money to see this on the IMAX.

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Abandoned Russian naval base

constrrusfleet001 11 450x747 Abandoned Russian naval base

constrrusfleet001 12 450x614 Abandoned Russian naval base

constrrusfleet001 10 450x337 Abandoned Russian naval base

This is a somewhat familiar sight to me, the abandoned military complex. We’ve talked about this type of urban exploration before and have even put together this guide for people who decide to poke their heads underground for a quick look-see.

I gotta remind you, though, everything down there is falling apart, including much of what you’ll be standing on. And the surface of everything is going to be rusting and growing weirdo no-light-needed life that’s guaranteed to be bad for you, and anything you’ll be standing in won’t be water, but some really damp heavy metals and other shit that is toxic in ways medical science has yet to fully understand.

And that’s assuming you don’t fall; falling being one of the greatest killers of mankind.

That being said, there’s only one way to get these pictures and go on this type of adventure, so get your fookin’ rope and goggle up, ’cause these places won’t be there forever. More pictures after the jump.  (more…)

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Itchy sweater memories

Every year about this time I go on a Frank Lloyd Wright kick. I’m sure this is some sort of Pavlovian response connected to the holidays. When I was a kid we used to drive by a home designed by the controversial genius en route to my grandparent’s home. The owners of that particular Wright house would pull out all the stops in their impersonation of Clark Griswold if he had any sense of style or class. We’d ohh and ahh while we sweltered in the back seat wearing our itchy Sunday best clothes.

Every holiday season those muck-sweat stained memories resurface and prompt me to go surfing around the series of tubes looking for FLW homes. This year I found this article about the restoration of both the Muirhead House and the Westcott House (featured in the video link). I really shouldn’t watch this sort of thing because it makes me think A) I can learn carpentry and B) I should buy an old house an restore it.

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‘little figures conquer the world’

Lone Zombie 450x667 little figures conquer the world

Oh shit plants! (img by Zufallsfaktor)

While working on a piece about zombie-themed cleaning kits I happened to google “lone zombie” and landed the cuteness. It’s part of a collection, “little figures conquer the world”.

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