Drunk Amish Teens Crash Buggy Into Police Car

Amish Buggy e1331576369571 450x259 Drunk Amish Teens Crash Buggy Into Police Car

The low speed chase stopped when the horse had to piss like a, well, you know. (img by the Inquisitr)

@the Inquisitr:

Drunk driving isn’t a phenomenon that only affects those of us with access to motorized vehicles and that fact was highlighted this past weekend when four young Amish adults consumed large amounts of alcohol and then crashed their horse drawn buggy into the side of a police car.

Police arrived at the scene of a party that was reported by local residents which point the Amish teenagers attempted to flee the scene, smashing one buggy into the patrol car.

The crash occurred in Chautauqua County, New York on Sunday night at 7:15pm in the rural town of Sherman. (more…)

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“Alcohol is believed to be delicious.”

s1024x768 450x626 Alcohol is believed to be delicious.

Also highly compatible: cigars and flintlocks (img gildedcentury)

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Flowers, dinner, bowling–and counseling–ordered by Broward judge in domestic case

2563 Flowers, dinner, bowling  and counseling  ordered by Broward judge in domestic case

By Danielle A. Alvarez, Sun Sentinel

A marital spat that began when a Plantation man didn’t wish his wife a happy birthday and then escalated into a domestic violence charge, resulted in an unusual bond court ruling by a perceptive judge.

Instead of setting bond or keeping Joseph Bray locked up, he ordered him to treat his spouse to dinner, a bowling date and then to undergo marriage counseling.

“He’s going to stop by somewhere and he’s going to get some flowers,” Judge John “Jay” Hurley said during the first appearance hearing. “And then he’s going to go home, pick up his wife, get dressed, take her to Red Lobster. And then after they have Red Lobster, they’re going to go bowling.” (more…)

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A sharp knife is a safe knife

Drinking and knife-wielding go together like gin and eggnog. But that doesn’t mean sometimes, after slamming a horrible, disgusting cocktail just to avoid pouring perfectly-good liquor down the drain, you decide it’s time to make yourself a late-night snack. Learn from my fail. (more…)

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How to throw a light infantry shovel

4344.d 450x299 How to throw a light infantry shovel

This is how people who have never played baseball throw things.

Sometimes, in close combat, the need emerges to kill or injure you opponent with the light infantry shovel at a range of 5-7 meters. For this you must enter a left-sided combat stance, holding the shovel by the far third of the handle, with the blade pointing upwards and forward, and raise it behind your head, while turning your torso to the right. Then straighten the arm while turning your torso to the left, aim your shovel to the target and let go of it just as your arm straightens, and your shovel is aimed at the target, breathing out sharply. In this form of shovel-throwing, the most common mistake is to tilt the hand too far down, which causes the shovel to spin too much, reducing the likelihood of it striking blade first. Another mistake is moving the hand sideways, rather than upwards, when raising it for the blow. That would cause a miss.

Another way to throw your entrenching tool is throwing it from concealment. It is used when one must strike the opponent by surprise. For this your left side should be turned towards the target. The right hand should hold the tip of the handle, with the shovel lowered along the body, blade down. For the throw one must tilt the torso suddenly to the left, and simultaneously, using a straight arm, throw the shovel over your head to the target. Its axis must be the same as that of your arm. The shovel is released at the moment of maximum tilt, with the shovel pointed to the target.

It never ceases to amaze me what military minds will commit to paper. (more…)

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EU Bans Free-Range Kids

By Reason

Turns out minding other people’s business is a worldwide affliction, and in this very special edition of Nanny of the Month, we explore nannyism across the pond.

Fat taxes are all the rage in Europe. After the skinny Danes slapped a tax on foods high in saturated fats, other European pols—including British Prime Minister David Cameron—have considered following suit.

And in Australia’s Northern Territory, they’re bringing alcohol prohibition back—incrementally, that is—by barring problem drinkers from buying grog. What could possibly go wrong!

But in the first-ever Nanny of the Month Global Edition, top dishonors go to the European Union’s control freaks who have cracked down on free-range kids, slapping regulations on everything from baby rattlers (which have brand-new noise restrictions) to blowing up balloons (not to be done by tots under age eight!).

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