Badass NJ Mayor saves people from fires

3522381829 d964f6fa20 450x337 Badass NJ Mayor saves people from fires

"You use this thing to rescue people, kid." (img by Hopeful in NJ)

NEWARK — Newark Mayor Cory Booker was taken to a hospital Thursday night for treatment of smoke inhalation he suffered trying to rescue his next-door neighbors from their burning house.

“I just grabbed her and whipped her out of the bed,” Booker said in recounting the fire. Booker told The Star-Ledger he also suffered second-degree burns on his hand.

Everyone tells you not to rush into burning buildings to save people because you’ll likely die or at least become one other person to rescue. It’s dumb. Unless it works. Then you’re a hero.

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How to kill everyone in France

I’m totally boycotting Tic Tacs starting right now.

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You think USG is scary? Try nature.

Video footage from today’s tornadoes in TX showing semi trailers being tossed into the air like nothing:

Nature trumps everything.

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Tweeting the vomitzvah

1985146129 f534965b33 450x337 Tweeting the vomitzvah

Politeness is our watchword. (img by passiveaggressivenotes)

It’s becoming common for first responses to fast-moving crises—terrorist acts, emergencies, natural disasters—to arrive over fast-moving social-media channels. Social media was critical in the aftermath of the magnitude 7.2 earthquake in eastern Turkey in October, where survivors used Twitter to let people know they were alive. During the Virginia Tech shooting in December, the Twitter feed of school newspaper the Collegiate Times kept students aware of police activity on campus, including when the SWAT team announced there were no suspicious people inside the Student Centre building.

Read the whole article at Wired.

Social media and direct quick messaging can be used to promote mayhem as well, as RIM is finding out in the aftermath of last year’s London riots. (more…)

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Congo volcano eruption helps boost tourism

By , the Guardian

Its status as the battleground in “Africa’s world war”, and possibly the worst place on Earth to be a woman, makes it arguably the world’s most counterintuitive holiday destination.

Yet tourism in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s ravaged east is doubling by the year as intrepid travellers set out to witness its natural wonders.

From a standing start of zero in 2008, when war was still raging, Virunga national park’s visitor numbers climbed to 550 in 2009, then 1,800 in 2010 with an expected 3,800 due for 2011. As a result, this year the oldest national park in Africa expects to raise more than $1m (£629,000) for the first time in its history. (more…)

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BP resumes drilling in same spot

800px Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling unit on fire 2010 450x337 BP resumes drilling in same spot

Remember this? Anyone?

That… that seems fast, doesn’t it? But yeah, BP just landed permits to put in five new wells, these ones with intent to produce. (The Deepwater Horizon disaster, or Macondo Blowout, was just an exploratory well.)

They already have a drilling rig in place.

“The current situation there is we have a drilling rig on-site, and we intend to begin drilling the well as soon as operationally possible,” said Tom Mueller, a spokesman for BP.

The drill site is located about 250 miles southwest of New Orleans, in the “Kaskida Field”, and plans call for a total of five wells. BP had already drilled one exploration well and one appraisal well at the site before the Deepwater Horizon spill and the subsequent moratorium on drilling in the Gulf.

The US government’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement said Wednesday that the BP project had met “enhanced safety requirements and standards established following the tragedy” in the Gulf last year.

Interestingly enough, BP didn’t even have to pay any fines before securing permission to take up drilling again. Oh, it gets nastier. (more…)

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