Blood Dragon: The Cyber War

What are you doing to prepare for the coming war between man and the brotherhood of machines?

Just a fair warning: unless you have had significant exposure to the ’80s this video may cause confusion, and you may develop symptoms including nausea, lack of focus, and a sudden interest in black-and-white checkered clothing.

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Basement Shark!

Basement shark 450x604 Basement Shark!

Go to a museum or Basement Shark will kill you when you least expect it! Actually, you’ll probably be using the toilet, sharks … sharks breathe water. Which you will learn at a God damn museum.

From The Amazing, Unstaged World Hiding Behind a Museum’s Closed Doors.

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So in Japan, this is a thing.

Blam 450x337 So in Japan, this is a thing.

MJtgkB9 450x599 So in Japan, this is a thing.

dCKu89J 450x337 So in Japan, this is a thing.


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Make a voodoo doll of yourself

3955333500 f293c1062c Make a voodoo doll of yourself

Photo by puuikibeach

A Japanese company has perfected the technology necessary to create a voodoo doll action figure of yourself. It’s a good thing this destruction of the boundaries between the physical and spirit world didn’t happen when I was a kid or I’d be limbless and paralyzed from various injuries related to firecrackers and slingshots.

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Tactical Japanese RPG-7 water rocket!

Japanese RPG 7 450x696 Tactical Japanese RPG 7 water rocket!

“Exhilaration of flying the way you want a toy when he does not taste the other!” (img by Marudai)

I think you could knock someone the fuck out with this thing. I will have to acquire one for home defense purposes.

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Kickstart a realistic sword fighting game!

1824624145 e1e9578f35 450x228 Kickstart a realistic sword fighting game!

Not like this. I said “realistic”. (img by Kit MacAllister)

There is no minute like the last minute, which is why Die < Less is right now pointing you at Kickstarter right the fuck now so you can help Neal Stephenson and his zany author and sword-fighting friends make a game based on realistic sword fighting.

Let Stephenson explain:

With 48 hours left, they’re still a little short of their goal. Back the project. Because it’s a little lower risk (and lower cost) than finding battle-ready swords and beating on your friends and figuring out techniques without dying or being maimed.

Actually. That sounds like fun. I’ll have to forge me a sword

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