Stop wasting gravity!

Three Gorges Dam1 Stop wasting gravity!

No fault line to see here, move along people. (img by China Absolute Tours—The Friendliest And Trustworthy China Travel Agency)

China does not have the luxury of energy inefficiency going forward. While the rest of the world has been able to use shitty power-generation to build infrastructure and now must, at its own pace, go green, China knows it must start green, because the costs of going green in the future will be so overwhelming for the country that it can’t afford not to.

China leads the world with waste energy capture technologies. For example, in order to produce cement for concrete, you need to calcinate limestone by roasting the shit out of it. Where the rest of the world just lets the lime cool naturally, in China, they use cooling lime and escaped heat from the calcination process to run generators.

There’s energy all over begging to be recaptured. In China, you don’t even waste gravity.

It is common sense that elevators require electricity to run.  However, going beyond our expectations, this elevator can generate electricity while in operation.  The carriage load and its counter weight blocks are often unbalanced during elevator operation.  In the generation mode, the relative movements between the carriage and the counter weights enable the traction motor.  With the use of high precise technologies, we can collect and reuse the electricity generated by the motor, this bringing about “elevator-generation”.

None of these technologies generate more energy than the processes they feed on, but they do make them more efficient. You can think about the disparities between China’s energy policy and the rest of the world while you recapture your waste energy with the nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator), a little kinetic energy generator that bounces around your shit while simultaneously keeping your shit charged.  (more…)

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How to infiltrate a nuclear missile base

2081211115 4fb668cc0c 450x299 How to infiltrate a nuclear missile base

Dust masks, gloves, and a shitload of photo equipment. (img by Eric Jusino)

Urban exploration starts with an email to your friends:

subj: wanna infiltrate a missile silo?

It’s that easy. Well, not really. The first Titan silo my friends and I visited was impossible to get into. It took about a week, and we figured a way into an honest-to-god Titan I missile silo in eastern Colorado. We learned a few things along the way:

Do the research first
If it exists, there is an internet subculture for it. Most of the time, someone’s already done the thing you’re interested in doing. Sites like can get you a huge start on things, but don’t stop there. We got most of our information from first-hand accounts on the Adventure Rider Motorcycle forum (those guys are less about secret urbexp posturing and more into “check out this cool thing I found”).

I also found schematics and models online, which would later prove invaluable:

titan schematic 450x538 How to infiltrate a nuclear missile base

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Sick From Fracking? Doctors, Patients Seek Answers

Soil sampling 450x300 Sick From Fracking? Doctors, Patients Seek Answers

Dirt does hurt (img by Maggie Starbard)

Kay Allen had just started work, and everything seemed quiet at the Cornerstone Care community health clinic in Burgettstown, Pa. But things didn’t stay quiet for long.

“All the girls, they were yelling at me in the back, ‘You gotta come out here quick. You gotta come out here quick,’ ” said Allen, 59, a nurse from Weirton, W.Va.

Allen rushed out front and knew right away what all the yelling was about. The whole place reeked — like someone had spilled a giant bottle of nail polish remover. (more…)

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9 plausible doomsdays for your apocalyptic pleasure

5606716481 d4589791da 450x299 9 plausible doomsdays for your apocalyptic pleasure

It's been near for a couple thousand years. (img by John C)

“On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero,” said some guy in Fight Club.

So stay alive a while and you can piss on the grave of that dumbass jock who made fun of you in high school. But let’s look at the bigger picture. I’m talking mass extinctions, pandemics, the rise of the goddamn machines. We don’t need a stone calendar made by an extinct people to run out of days. In a few zillion years, whichever Hindu god is sleeping will wake, and the universe will collapse again.

I like geologic/climactic/cosmic apocalypses. Ice ages, supervolcanoes, the Sun going nova – it gives me some perspective. And there are some seriously egg-headed dudes who agree. Washington State University astrobiologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch and British astronomer David Darling wrote Megacatastrophes!: Nine Strange Ways the World Could End, which is due out next month. scheduled to debut next month from Oneworld Publications.

The book is due to detail sci-fi plot scenarios like grey goo and the rise of Skynet as well as the standard Sun gobbles earth, supervolcanoes cause ice age, everyone dies of the flu scenarios. They’re rated by likelihood (the Sun really is going to kill us all, eventually), and have some interesting facts. Read more about the book at SeattlePI.

The scale (and inevitability) of some of these things makes me want to focus on living more right now instead of stockpiling aluminum foil. No amount of that shit is going to save us from a supernova, no matter what Bob’s Survival Foil and Faraday Cages blog tells you. So get off your ass, go outside and play. It will do more for your survivability than a roomful of preps will.

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1,100 Year-Old Peruvian Grave Contains People, Dogs, and Horses

peru 1,100 Year Old Peruvian Grave Contains People, Dogs, and Horses

From the Daily Mail

A tomb containing the ‘perfectly intact’ remains of 60 people – who were slaughtered in sacrificial offerings more than 1,100 years ago – has been discovered in Peru.

Archaeologists found the mass grave, in an eight metre deep and 150 metre wide pit, in Lambayeque on the country’s northern coast.

They also unearthed the remains of dogs and horses at the site, which is next to a key Sican ceremonial centre, in the historical Pomac Woods, 500 miles north of Lima. (more…)

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Congo volcano eruption helps boost tourism

By , the Guardian

Its status as the battleground in “Africa’s world war”, and possibly the worst place on Earth to be a woman, makes it arguably the world’s most counterintuitive holiday destination.

Yet tourism in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s ravaged east is doubling by the year as intrepid travellers set out to witness its natural wonders.

From a standing start of zero in 2008, when war was still raging, Virunga national park’s visitor numbers climbed to 550 in 2009, then 1,800 in 2010 with an expected 3,800 due for 2011. As a result, this year the oldest national park in Africa expects to raise more than $1m (£629,000) for the first time in its history. (more…)

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