How to ride a skateboard down a flight of stairs

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Mark Ruffalo and Tom Morello launch Robin Hood tax plan to outlaw Wall Street excess

Tom+Morello+arm+the+homeless 450x299 Mark Ruffalo and Tom Morello launch Robin Hood tax plan to outlaw Wall Street excess

“I came late to the genre of folk music.” (img by sofilambert)

tl;dr we should have a .5% tax on trades.

@the Raw Story:

Actor Mark Ruffalo and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello have launched a new US campaign for a “Robin Hood tax”, a small levy on Wall Street transactions that organisers say could generate hundred of billions of dollars a year.

The campaign, backed by National Nurses United, the largest nursing union in the US, has already launched in 14 countries, including the UK, France and Germany.

Organisers of the campaign, which also features Coldplay singer Chris Martin, are calling for a tax of “less than half of 1%” on Wall Street transactions, which they say would not affect most Americans’ financial activity.

Adopting the 99% language of the Occupy movement, the campaign said the tax would “easy to enforce and tough to evade”. (more…)

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11 extinct (or going) sounds

28154811 73313310ed b 450x594 11 extinct (or going) sounds

Aw, why’d you trash that? You could gut it and install a computer in there more powerful than all of Bletchley Park (bonus if you make the rotary the numpad). (img by inoneear)

Who knew that some noises could eventually become as extinct as the passenger pigeon? Depending on your age, you or your kids or grandchildren may have only heard some of the following sounds in old movies, if at all.

One of the sounds that is on the chopping block is the coffee percolator. As someone who actually enjoys the beverage and is willing to source quality brew in and out of the home that’s sort of a good riddance.

Of course, some of the diminishing tech here is probably a sign of hard things to come. My mom typed 110 words per minute on a manual typewriter. Gave her Hulk hands like you wouldn’t believe. One time she slapped a dog in half.

Hear ‘em all: 11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard.

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Intermission: Turkey Dubstep

Turkeys + Dubstep = TURKEY DUBSTEP

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Intermission: This is life

In case you don’t have enough time or drugs to get through the original. The speed and choice of music change the message a wee tad, but it’s still beautiful.

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Intermission: Boots and Cats

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