The Range Idiot Song

All of what has been described above happened to me last time I went shooting. Making guns shoot is incredibly easy, but being a good shooter takes a lot of focus, preparation, and diligence. That part is a lot less easy.

There’s a reason people pay scads of money to get firearms training, well, two. The first reason is that they want to be a tacticool operator and probably imagine themselves throwing terrorists off forty-story buildings left and right. The other reason is that once you’re familiar with guns at a range, you want to learn to use them under pressure—but knowing how fucking ridiculously dangerous guns are and how easy it is to screw up just a little bit and then die, you want to seek out more structured learning.

The best possible thing to do if there are stupid-ass shooters around you is to leave. You might not immediately recognize a stupid-ass shooter if you’re new, but basically, anyone who is constantly in contact with a firearm, waving it around, and making you nervous is probably someone to avoid. Actually, that’s probably true on and off the range. (more…)

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