Bear saves dude from lion

bearcavalry 450x360 Bear saves dude from lion

300 heavy horses--we must try to negotiate. (img: Bg_Jokes)

His backpack and rock pick were the only things standing between him and certain death, Biggs said. He raised his weapon again for another swing at the hulking feline.

“That’s when a blur on my left side grabbed the lion by its throat — turns out it was the momma bear,” he said. “I heard a tremendous screeching, some growling noises.”

Biggs said that the bear ripped the cat’s grip from his backpack, and the two titans clashed for another 15 seconds. The bear won the battle, probably because it “outweighed the cat 400 pounds to 100 pounds.” The cat ran away, and the bear went back down on all fours, humbly making eye contact with Biggs before regrouping with her young.

That’s why I always say, “I carry a bear because cops aren’t fucking bears.”

The whole deal is just crazy, and the dude is just crazy, but hey, read it for yourself.

By the way, cavalry is a meme now.

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Watch a guy not get bitten by spiders

3262608746 c054330d71 450x319 Watch a guy not get bitten by spiders

"I'm not biting you." (img by Keith Robinson)

I learned two things from the following video:

  1. Latin spider names sound just like Spanish
  2. Brown Recluses and Black Widows won’t necessarily bite the fuck out of you, even if marooned on an island of your tasty handflesh.

I guess the vendetta against humans for munching spiders while we sleep isn’t as serious as I had thought.

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Intermission: Boots and Cats

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Bee defense FAIL

6259177249 0414b7900e 450x299 Bee defense FAIL

Warning: hornets like this one will kill insane numbers of bees. (img by Scott Paterson)

In case you forgot that nature is a giant death machine, watch 30 Japanese hornets kill a fuckload of honeybees. It’s no contest at all (I’ll admit to being completely manipulated by the epic soundtrack):

After the initial images from the movie 300 ran through my head, new images from Black Hawk Down followed. The lopsidedness of this battle is ridiculous. The losers don’t try to bug out, and they apparently haven’t heard about the second principle of self-defense: don’t defend your property.

Either way, this is the way the world works. It’s hideous and fascinating.

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Blending in isn’t as hard you you’d think

553228194 7c0921abfb 450x342 Blending in isnt as hard you youd think

That's not a squirrel. That's Friedrich Fucking Nietzsche. (img by Richard Giddins)

Just ask Abe Liu, a guy who was not a student at Harvard but had lots of people convinced that he was. Liu doesn’t appear to have had any real malicious intent, he was just lonely and found himself telling lies on top of lies to maintain the fiction that he was a freshman-dorm resident at the school.

He lived the life of a Harvard student for months without attracting substantial attention, until the memes began and turned into a psychotic whirlwind in the hours before Primal Scream.

There are a few ways we can go with this. (more…)

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Robot Venus Flytrap catches and eats bugs for fuel

Venus Flytarp Insect Eating Robot2 Robot Venus Flytrap catches and eats bugs for fuel

These robots have ability to snatch and digest insects just like Venus Flytraps and the convert them into bio fuel through their internal coding system.

The scientists have understood its entire mechanism and have discovered the materials those are not only capable of sensing the existence of insects and bugs but can also close up as quickly as the living Venus Flytrap can shut its leaves. So we can say that these robots operate by doing perfect mimicry of Venus Flytrap plants.

A part of me thinks this is pretty genius and takes microcomputers and materials design to a completely new level, not to mention, speaks something to the efficiency of using biofuels as energy sources without the use of combustion, just bacterial chemical reactions and catalysis.  It’s all very interesting and completely compelling, down to the different approaches these scientists have used in the design and fabrication of their Venus Flytrap machines.

The other part of me thinks all of these fucking wonks that taught robots to eat meat need to get right goddamn brained.

We can only hope that this science never, ever takes off because the machines all smell like rotting flies.

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