Basement Shark!

Basement shark 450x604 Basement Shark!

Go to a museum or Basement Shark will kill you when you least expect it! Actually, you’ll probably be using the toilet, sharks … sharks breathe water. Which you will learn at a God damn museum.

From The Amazing, Unstaged World Hiding Behind a Museum’s Closed Doors.

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Department of Justice: recording police is constitutionally-protected

Oi shut it otherwise were taking you in 450x454 Department of Justice: recording police is constitutionally protected

Citizen journalism meets agency procedure (img by Teacher Dude's BBQ)

In a win for technology, citizen journalism, and our Constitutional rights, the U.S. Department of Justice has issued a letter to the Baltimore City Police Department reconfirming that photographing, video- and audio-recording on-duty police officers is a Constitutional right protected by the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments.

“Because recording police officers in the public discharge of their duties is protected by the First Amendment, policies should prohibit interference with recording of police activities except in narrowly circumscribed situations,” reads the DoJ’s letter (.pdf). “More particularly, policies should instruct officers that, except under limited circumstances, officers must not search or seize a camera or recording device without a warrant. In addition, policies should prohibit more subtle actions that may nonetheless infringe upon individuals’ First Amendment rights. Officers should be advised not to threaten, intimidate, or otherwise discourage an individual from recording police officer enforcement activities or intentionally block or obstruct cameras or recording devices.”

This is a direct result of the police, particularly in Baltimore, arresting, hassling, or otherwise harassing people who have been documenting their actions. So in a way, this over-the-top police behavior was a good thing, right? By affirming a constitutionally-protected right? Yeah no, I’m kidding.

Things got even crazier in Connecticut, where a police officer drew a gun on a guy taking pictures, only to be arrested himself later because the guy taking his picture was a police officer, and also, they were at the police station.

The best part was that he was taking the photo of the other cop because he was literally sleeping on the job: (more…)

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Ten-year-old gets busted for driving father’s Maserati

5977893 Ten year old gets busted for driving fathers Maserati

The boy grabbed the keys from an unlocked drawer in the family's apartment near central Hong Kong, revved the engine and drove off in the two-door car on Monday, the South China Morning Post said. Photograph by: Brian Harper, Handout


Hong Kong police said Wednesday they had briefly detained a 10-year-old American boy who took his father’s Maserati GranTurismo coupe out for a spin.

The boy grabbed the keys from an unlocked drawer in the family’s apartment near central Hong Kong, revved the engine and drove off in the two-door car on Monday, the South China Morning Post said.

He hit a vehicle in the car park but continued driving the car – for which his businessman father paid HK$1.6 million (US$206,000) in 2009 – for another 300 metres down a busy road before he stopped and a passer-by called the police. (more…)

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Armed mannequin joke angers cautious deputies

sns011012shotgundu 1067925c Armed mannequin joke angers cautious deputies

By Jessica Heffner, Dayton Daily News

What started off as a practical joke turned into a standoff with deputies, but no one at the sheriff’s office is laughing.

It was dark, just after 7 p.m. Sunday, when a woman in the 5300 block of West National Road called 911 to report a stranger sitting on her porch with a gun.

“I turned on the porch light, and they’re sitting right there on the porch on the steps,” she told dispatchers. “It looks like they have a gun barrel sticking out of them.” (more…)

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