Assange stands “real chance” of election in Australia

Assange 450x290 Assange stands real chance of election in Australia

Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks whistle-blowing website, arrives with his legal team at the Supreme Court in London, England. Assange is planning to run for election to the Australian Senate, the organization announced Saturday on Twitter. (img by Oli Scarff , Getty Images)

@Yahoo/7 News/AFP:

Controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stands a real chance of winning an upper house seat in his native Australia if he presses ahead with plans to stand for election, according to a poll.

A survey conducted by the ruling Labor party’s internal pollsters UMR Research and published in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper showed 25 percent of those polled would vote for the whistleblowing website chief.

Supporters of the left-wing Greens party were most likely to be pro-Assange, with 39 percent saying they would vote for him, meaning he had a good chance of wresting a Greens Senate spot, UMR’s John Utting told the newspaper. (more…)

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In Second Occupy Wall Street Protest Trial, Police Claims Again Rejected

dYmMQ 450x337 In Second Occupy Wall Street Protest Trial, Police Claims Again Rejected

"What causes issues for us is the unplanned events. The unplanned events are always the wild card." (img by DNAinfo)

@the Village Voice:

Another day, another Occupy Wall Street trial, another black eye for the police. Just two days after the first Occupy Wall Street protest case to go to trial ended with the NYPD’s version of events unraveling, the same thing happened again in New York Criminal Court this morning.
Jessica Hall, an Occupy Wall Street protester, was arrested on November 17 at the intersection of Williams and Pine streets in Lower Manhattan and charged with disorderly conduct for obstructing traffic. Hall’s charges were the same as those of Alexander Arbuckle, who was acquitted on Tuesday.

But as in Arbuckle’s case, the police version of events was debunked; it wasn’t the person on trial who was preventing traffic from moving, but the police themselves.

On the stand, Hall’s arresting officer, Sgt. Michael Soldo, said he arrested her because she was blocking traffic. But as Soldo admitted under cross-examination, and as the NYPD’s own video documentation confirmed, it was actually the NYPD metal barricades running all the way across William Street that was preventing vehicles from passing. (more…)

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Election protesters face beatings while dude with AK passes through Moscow untouched

Pavel Tarasov 450x300 Election protesters face beatings while dude with AK passes through Moscow untouched

Evil black ribbon (img by Vadim Tsibankov)

Currently many Russians are protesting what they believe to be a flawed 2011 election and the result has been getting their borscht kicked in by Moscow police.

Consequently many more Russians are showing their support for these activist victims and their cause, albeit passively, by wearing white ribbons.  Putin stated he thought the ribbons were to promote safe sex awareness.  Seriously.

Which is why people wearing white ribbons are getting arrested, right?

Anyhow, in a pretty daring move by Pavel Tarasov, one guy decided to walk the streets of Moscow carrying an AK-47 “political experiment” for a day.  Documented by photographer Vadim Tsibankov, Tarasov wasn’t stopped once for his armed perambulations.

Not a single policeman stopped him! Not one! That was a thing both funny and scary to see,” Tsibankov writes. ”If I had a white ribbon on me, I wouldn’t have walked even 10 meters. And a man promenading with a Kalashnikov is of no interest. The officers just glanced at him and looked away at once. I’m asking: what the hell do the police actually do?”


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Australian ‘No Fly List’ mystery after Assange Lawyer Apprehended

australian no fly list mystery after assange lawyer apprehended 450x299 Australian No Fly List mystery after Assange Lawyer Apprehended

Human Rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson, legal representative for Julian Assange and Wikleaks, who was refused permission to fly to Australia from Heathrow, chats to protesters at the Commonwealth Law Conference in Sydney. (img by Demotix)


Picketers from numerous organisations supporting Wikileaks and Julian Assange sought to challenge Australian Attorney General Nicola Roxon on her arrival at the Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association’s Regional Law Conference (CLARLC) in Sydney, Australia on Friday 20 April 2012.

Ms Roxon addressed the Conference on “The Rule of Law and the Commonwealth Principles – Terrorism, Emergency Laws and Human Rights.”

But most attendees and the Australian media and public public had signalled that they were more interested to hear her explain why London-based, Australian human rights lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, was apprehended at Heathrow Airport and initially prevented from boarding her flight to address the same conference. And why Ms Robinson has been placed on a restricted travel list. And by whom. (more…)

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Calm, cool, collected – junk unviolated

5277973948 c6359567ed 450x340 Calm, cool, collected   junk unviolated

Take it off, baby. (img by Gary Markstein)

Guy is asked by the Brit version of the TSA to take his pants off. Except they call them “trousers” over there. Guy calmly and authoritatively refuses, remains polite, and gets to keep his trouserpants on.

“Sir, your trousers.”


“Sir, please take your trousers off.”

A pause.



The security official clearly was not expecting that response.

He begins to look like he doesn’t know what to do, bless him.

“You have no power to require me to do that. You also haven’t also given any good reason. I am sure any genuine security concerns you have can be addressed in other ways. You do not need to invade my privacy in this manner.”

Whether the results would have been the same in the US with the TSA is unknown, but the guy did a lot of things right, and managed to keep the outcome of the encounter mostly positive.

The key is to be calm. Dude remained calm and authoritative throughout his experience, and it worked out in his favor. But “be calm” is easy to say and hard to do. Here are some things you can do to keep your cool and clinch yourself a better outcome. (more…)

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Grecian TF2 IRL

O9LMP Grecian TF2 IRL

Δοινκ! (img by futuretoday777)

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