The Karambit Knife

The Karambit Knife 450x628 The Karambit Knife

I generally don’t like knives that you have to think about using, have to think about holding in a certain way, or have to train with in general.

That’s either because trying to reinvent the knife is on the same shortbus as trying to reinvent the club or throwing rock, or because I’m lazy and I don’t like to expand my horizons.

But I don’t like it when people say holding a knife backwards or upside-down gives you tactical leverage, because there’s no such a thing as a knife fight and there’s no such thing as a knife-fighting expert.

That being said, the Karambit’s different. You have to hold it differently because that’s the way it draws. And boy does it draw, check this out:

The Karambit’s not cheap but when it comes to tactical operator EDC emergency wire ops backup blade kit blades at $240 including a trainer, but it’s not astronomical for a solid TOEEWOBBKB option either.

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Carbon fiber knives

escort carbon fiber daggers 450x337 Carbon fiber knives

The Escort series of carbon fiber daggers feature aerospace grade woven and uni-directional pre-preg. The outer surface of the blades use a 3k 2×2 twill weave fabric, while the inner surfaces are made up of 12 layers of uni-directional fiber. The actual handles are made up of a total of 36 layers of carbon fiber. All of the carbon fiber knives are 100% made in the USA.

Please keep in mind that carbon fiber does not offer a super sharp blade on the knife, it’s not really meant for cutting, but rather for self-defense/stabbing. The blade does not hold an edge, but can be “sharpened’ by simply using a sandpaper or even a sharpening stone.

At first I thought this was ridiculously silly but the idea has grown on me somewhat. You just have to not think of them as knives, really. They’re more like ultra-lightweight, computer-modeled, aeronautical-grade prison shanks.

They’re expensive, $65-85, but you could pretty safely pocket these single-ounce space shanks and forget about them. They’re no substitute for a knife but there are some things you can do with these that you can’t do with a knife. Like, uh, take one through a metal detector.

Probably some other stuff they’re better at, use your imagination.

Check ‘em out: Escort Carbon Fiber Space Shanks

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Bee defense FAIL

6259177249 0414b7900e 450x299 Bee defense FAIL

Warning: hornets like this one will kill insane numbers of bees. (img by Scott Paterson)

In case you forgot that nature is a giant death machine, watch 30 Japanese hornets kill a fuckload of honeybees. It’s no contest at all (I’ll admit to being completely manipulated by the epic soundtrack):

After the initial images from the movie 300 ran through my head, new images from Black Hawk Down followed. The lopsidedness of this battle is ridiculous. The losers don’t try to bug out, and they apparently haven’t heard about the second principle of self-defense: don’t defend your property.

Either way, this is the way the world works. It’s hideous and fascinating.

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Mugger miscalculates, gets ass kicked

blackeyes 450x337 Mugger miscalculates, gets ass kicked

I'm too dumb to feel shame. (img by Anthony Miranda)

Chicago – A convicted felon chose the wrong victim when he tried to rob an ultimate fighting champion Friday night on the Southwest Side and ended up with two black eyes and a gunshot wound to the ankle.

Critical tip for when you’re playing the mugging game: it’s maybe better to judge victims on foot instead of in vehicles… It’s hard to tell if the guy behind the wheel is a UFC fighter or a Sikh strongman who will just bend your knife with his face. (more…)

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The 3 principles of self-defense

CalvinHobbesRobbed1 355x450 The 3 principles of self defense

Just as it is prudent to wear your seat belt while driving, it makes sense to know how best to respond to violence. In fact, it is overwhelmingly likely that some of you will become the targets of violence in the future. The purpose of this essay is to help you prepare for it.

In my experience, most people do not want to think about the reality of human violence. I have friends who sleep with their front doors unlocked and who would never consider receiving instruction in self-defense. For them, gun ownership seems like an ugly and uncivilized flirtation with paranoia. Happily, most of these people will never encounter violence in any form. And good luck will make their unconcern seem perfectly justified.

But here are the numbers: In 2010, there were 403.6 violent crimes per 100,000 persons in the United States. (The good news: This is an overall decrease of 13.4 percent from the level in 2001.) Thus, the average American has a 1 in 250 chance of being robbed, assaulted, raped, or murdered each year. Actually, the chance is probably greater than this, because we know that certain crimes, such as assault and rape, are underreported.

Principle #1: Avoid dangerous people and dangerous places.
Principle #2: Do not defend your property.
Principle #3: Respond immediately and escape.

This is a stellar essay by Sam Harris about the realities of crime happening to you, (yes, you) and while it certainly has all the principles covered, it doesn’t do justice at all to principle #2.

Justice being the operative word. (more…)

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“I cut you!” Or not.

3580278599 07f2601123 450x337 I cut you! Or not.

Not a realistic knife fight. (photo by drinkyclown)

If you don’t carry a pocket knife with you at all times… well, you should. They’re handy for just about everything, from opening blister packs to lancing actual blisters. They’re also great for getting attention at the airport, so if you’re traveling, remember to secure your knife in your checked bag (sheath it if it doesn’t fold to keep baggage handlers from bleeding on your stuff).

If you’re like most imaginative people, you’ve thought about whether you would use your knife in self defense. If you’re like most normal residents of the first world, though, you think that knife fights look like The Hunted. (more…)

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