CarniK Con School of Knowledge Super Carbine Course!

Hurray, I have enough mustache to complete the CarniK Con School of Knowledge Super Carbine Course!

But I only have two testicles. I’ll never truly be as operator as these guys; it was never meant to be…

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AK-47 Army Manual

AK 47 Army Manual 450x663 AK 47 Army Manual

Everyone should know how to use an AK-47. Because they’re neato. That’s a tactical term, neato.

Anyhow, the Aftermath Gun Club has .pdeffed the US Army’s operator’s manual and have it available for download for zero monies. Go get it already.

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“The moment it feels extreme, you fucked up.”

5794561710 64a81486a6 b The moment it feels extreme, you fucked up.

Cropped out: 91 centimeter drop to hard, hard concrete. (img by Beth Jusino)

The (arguable) epitome of climbing is free soloing: climbing without any safety equipment, harness, etc. Just you, your chalk bag, and the rock. On the one hand, you’re free. On the other, a slip means you probably fucking die.

I’ve seen dozens of amazing free solo climb videos… including Alex Honnold’s ~2,000ft Half Dome ascent, but, like parkour videos, it’s tough to get a sense of how much preparation goes into a free solo climb.

I finally found a video that at least tries to tell you how much preparation a free solo climb takes.

You can skip to about 4:00, but don’t skip further than that. Peter Croft has some very important things to say about the huge amount of preparation (5+ years) that went into a 2 minute climb that he makes look dead easy.

A lot of the contemporary soloing media… will show a lot of jaw-dropping images without any sort of backstory to it, without any sort of caveats… The big thing about this route is there’s a whole bunch that went into it. And that the moment it feels extreme, you fucked up, basically, right? So it’s like it should feel really easy,and that’s the reason it did take me… I mean, I could have soloed it five years ago, but it would have felt weird.

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How to ride a skateboard down a flight of stairs

See more design details here, and some headlines:

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How to open a beer can with a machete

Alternate title: How to turn Polish flags into faerie wings.

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Tactical tampons to help you die less

original 450x740 Tactical tampons to help you die less

Because comfort counts. (img Jim Cooke/Jezebel)

Do me a favor for the next five minutes. Try to forget everything you know about tampons. I know, it’s hard. But pretend that this is the first time you have ever seen or heard of the item below, and it is a new survival product on the market: the Tactical Adventure Medical Preparedness Outdoors Necessity (T.A.M.P.O.N.).

From the obvious, used to stopper bleeding, to the very clever, used for blow dart fletching, tampons are far more versatile tools than they appear on the surface. These all-purpose shove-its have many practical survival uses and their absorbent and even flammable properties may mean that you’ll soon start packing a few of these universal flow mitigation devices in your hiking, camping, and/or range bags.

So the next time you walk past the tactical hygiene aisle at the grocery store, remember to pick up an extra box of tampons, or TAMPONS, if you prefer. (more…)

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