Stunting for the sane

6287771281 de3624c065 450x299 Stunting for the sane

This girl ponders the start of her all-pigeon diet. (img by Beth Jusino)

When we think of stunts, we think of stuff like this:

It’s fun to watch, but most of us will never do anything like it. But there are other kinds of stunts. A.J. Jacobs pulls what book critics call “literary stunts”. In a literary stunt, the author does something weird, like living according to every single law in the Bible (including stoning adulterers), then writes about the experience.

Jacobs defends and explains literary stunting in Wired:

A successful stunt requires a writer who is passionate and open to change. In fact, change is crucial, almost mandatory—without it you won’t have much of a story. Luckily, if you take your stunt seriously you can’t help but change. When I was obeying the Bible, I came to realize how behavior shapes our thoughts: I forced myself to utter compassionate sentences, as the Bible instructed, and eventually I started to feel more compassion.

In fact, I think everyone—even those without book contracts—should do stunts. You don’t need to grow a beard and wear a linen robe, as I did. Try small experiments. Sample a new toothpaste every week. Swear off gossip for a day. Get your news from the opposition channel, be it Fox News or MSNBC. You’ll carve new neural pathways in your brain, which is always healthy.

I want to push things further. You don’t have to write to pull a stunt. Just pick a thing and a timeframe and do it. Blog optional. (more…)

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Some people are fighters. Most aren’t.

201435713 c59c86b158 450x337 Some people are fighters. Most arent.

This shit is nothing like boxing. (img by echo26)

“Even though I’m training a bunch of fuckin’ nerds, Wall Street guys, no coordination, they’re just not athletic people… You know, everything is not for everybody. You don’t see me going to motherfuckin’ Wall Street, picking up a fuckin’ briefcase tryin’ to type, do you? ‘Cause that’s not what the fuck I do. I beat the fuck out of people.”

Just watch it. And remember it when you think your coach isn’t helping you actualize your self-esteem.

I still think that you should learn to fight a little… just to know how you react when you get punched in the face.

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Tactical balisong bottle opener!

Bottlefly Knife 450x450 Tactical balisong bottle opener!

I merely finished what your liver started! (img by Bottlefly Knife)

Both a tactical beverage tool and balisong training device, the Bottlefly is a hybrid butterfly beer opening machine. It’s weight and balance are designed to match that of your average butterfly knife, so you can use it for practice and once you know what you’re doing, impress the hell out of the thirsty. Plus, this is one balisong you can operate while piss-drunk, which is always a good thing.

Check out the Original Bottlefly Knife, available in 440 stainless steel, chrome or black, or as a set, ($12-23).

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Brag about your exploits AFTERward

7153094577 61346192aa c 450x746 Brag about your exploits AFTERward

In my day, skywalking was called "work". (img by West Vancouver Archives)

First off: there is no skywalking for the sane. These people are nuts. Speaking of nuts, mine kept trying to slurp up into my ribcage just watching this video:

But let’s say that you’re a skywalker. No, not a whiny bitch who complains about having to be around for moisture harvest instead of bullseyeing womp rats in his T-16. I mean Russians who apparently don’t value life and enjoy climbing incredibly high shit. Anyway, you’re about to go climb some epically tall thing. And climbing it involves illegal trespassing and probably reckless endangerment.

Pro-tip: Don’t fucking talk about your illegal plans in public online. Emailing friends you trust is one thing. Posting on a public site, or even a social networking site where friends of friends might see, is just dumb.

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How to infiltrate a nuclear missile base

2081211115 4fb668cc0c 450x299 How to infiltrate a nuclear missile base

Dust masks, gloves, and a shitload of photo equipment. (img by Eric Jusino)

Urban exploration starts with an email to your friends:

subj: wanna infiltrate a missile silo?

It’s that easy. Well, not really. The first Titan silo my friends and I visited was impossible to get into. It took about a week, and we figured a way into an honest-to-god Titan I missile silo in eastern Colorado. We learned a few things along the way:

Do the research first
If it exists, there is an internet subculture for it. Most of the time, someone’s already done the thing you’re interested in doing. Sites like can get you a huge start on things, but don’t stop there. We got most of our information from first-hand accounts on the Adventure Rider Motorcycle forum (those guys are less about secret urbexp posturing and more into “check out this cool thing I found”).

I also found schematics and models online, which would later prove invaluable:

titan schematic 450x538 How to infiltrate a nuclear missile base

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Dueling with wax bullets to die less

Duelling With Wax Bullets 911 6 450x319 Dueling with wax bullets to die less

Seven, eight, nine... (img by Retronaut)

Back before paintball and airsoft and Simunition, when people (men) still fought, or longed to fight duels to uphold their honor (have fun shooting friends) there was a small window during the American Edwardian era where it was possible to challenge someone to a bloodless duel.

These dueling .44 caliber pistols used wax bullets that were propelled by what appear to be .22 Short rimfire cartridges without projectiles or powder; just the primer. (.22 Short dates back to 1857; makes sense.)

Pistols With Wax Bullets 911 14 450x320 Dueling with wax bullets to die less

Big-bore balls of wax (img by Retronaut)

And in an era when standard safety gear was boiled leather helmets and dapper-looking scarves, these guys are armored to a fault; even the guns have shields to protect your hands from incoming wax. That’s gotta mean it hurt.

Check out the original glowing writup of these novel French pistols from the New York Times. (more…)

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