Surefire Minimus tactical headlamp

MinimusVision 450x349 Surefire Minimus tactical headlamp

Batteries included! (img by SureFire)

Flashlights. Always handy. Hands. Always busy. Headlamps! The more tactical, the better. Seriously, if you don’t own a headlamp, reconsider your inventory of illumination. You never know when you’re going to be infiltrating a missile silo, and it pays to be prepared.

SureFire is a big name in weapon lights, so these headlamps definitely have a tactical pedigree. Running on a CR 123 battery the Minimus has between 1.5-50 hours of runtime depending on what you set its variable brightness to, from 1-100 lumens. It’s water- and shock-proof and has a wide beam lens that projects white light to match your field of view. It also has a red light option if you’re just going to switch it on so that you can preserve your night vision. The beam has 90 degrees of rotation. The Minimus even has an SOS beacon setting with a several-day runtime. It weighs 3.3 ounces and includes a headband if you don’t have a helmet. These really are kings of the headlamp world, ($111).

SureFire also makes a Minumus that runs on AA batteries, ($140) and the Maximus, which runs off an internal rechargeable battery and has a variable output up to 500 lumens, in case you wanted a headlamp that can start a fire, ($185).

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I would like to be the first to welcome our new beady-eyed overlords

miracleratsx616 450x303 I would like to be the first to welcome our new beady eyed overlords

img by EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Always fear a rat in a tactical vest. Cat owners, you’re first on the list of those who must be destroyed.

Swiss researchers are working on using electro-chemical to treat spinal injuries.

Previous research has shown that it is possible to reverse some of the effects of spinal-cord injury by circumventing the normal connection between the brain and legs, which is broken by the injury. For example, walking can be triggered in spinal-cord-injured rats if their spine is stimulated. But until now, such movement has been involuntary. This new research shows that with a specialized training system, similar rats can regain voluntary control over their legs.

This research and other similar technology focusing on the electrical impulses in nervous tissue could also be useful for stroke patients or amputees.

As someone with more than his fair share of potentially crippling hobbies, this is very welcome news.

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Stop wasting gravity!

Three Gorges Dam1 Stop wasting gravity!

No fault line to see here, move along people. (img by China Absolute Tours—The Friendliest And Trustworthy China Travel Agency)

China does not have the luxury of energy inefficiency going forward. While the rest of the world has been able to use shitty power-generation to build infrastructure and now must, at its own pace, go green, China knows it must start green, because the costs of going green in the future will be so overwhelming for the country that it can’t afford not to.

China leads the world with waste energy capture technologies. For example, in order to produce cement for concrete, you need to calcinate limestone by roasting the shit out of it. Where the rest of the world just lets the lime cool naturally, in China, they use cooling lime and escaped heat from the calcination process to run generators.

There’s energy all over begging to be recaptured. In China, you don’t even waste gravity.

It is common sense that elevators require electricity to run.  However, going beyond our expectations, this elevator can generate electricity while in operation.  The carriage load and its counter weight blocks are often unbalanced during elevator operation.  In the generation mode, the relative movements between the carriage and the counter weights enable the traction motor.  With the use of high precise technologies, we can collect and reuse the electricity generated by the motor, this bringing about “elevator-generation”.

None of these technologies generate more energy than the processes they feed on, but they do make them more efficient. You can think about the disparities between China’s energy policy and the rest of the world while you recapture your waste energy with the nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator), a little kinetic energy generator that bounces around your shit while simultaneously keeping your shit charged.  (more…)

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Tactical balisong bottle opener!

Bottlefly Knife 450x450 Tactical balisong bottle opener!

I merely finished what your liver started! (img by Bottlefly Knife)

Both a tactical beverage tool and balisong training device, the Bottlefly is a hybrid butterfly beer opening machine. It’s weight and balance are designed to match that of your average butterfly knife, so you can use it for practice and once you know what you’re doing, impress the hell out of the thirsty. Plus, this is one balisong you can operate while piss-drunk, which is always a good thing.

Check out the Original Bottlefly Knife, available in 440 stainless steel, chrome or black, or as a set, ($12-23).

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Best Made Brass Capsule

Brass Match Safe 450x450 Best Made Brass Capsule

Does not include matches. (img by Best Made)

Fitted with an ingenious self-tensioning lanyard, and no-fuss press fit stopper, our brass capsule is larger than most match safes, and infinitely more versatile. We boast to have the ultimate—water tight and indestructible—place to keep small valuables safe. And with a solid liquid-dampened, jewel bearing compass set into the stopper your headings will also be kept from harm’s way.

A wise man once told me that you should always camp with smokers, because you’ll always have a way to start a fire. But so long as you keep one of these match safes around, you won’t have to worry about packing smokers every time you leave the house. Really streamlines the EDC. Also you don’t have to have to use this for matches, it’s not like there are Brass Capsule rules.

Anyway, check out Best Made’s Brass Capsule, ($32).

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Decatur man tries to ‘shoot out’ aching tooth

tumblr m4jlmnUjzZ1rwjpnyo1 500 Decatur man tries to ‘shoot out’ aching tooth

Tactical Dentistry!


A man suffering from a toothache shot himself in the jaw with a gun in an effort to remove the troublesome tooth, Decatur police said.

Officers called to a home in the 2800 block of Locust Street Southeast at about 4:15 p.m. Monday arrived to find the man bleeding heavily from his mouth and his brother trying to stop the bleeding with a towel, said Lt. John Crouch, a police spokesman.

“The man was conscious and alert when officers arrived,” Crouch said. “He told them that he was tired of his tooth hurting and attempted to shoot it out.” (more…)

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